Animal Totem Meanings and Animal Symbolism

In the Synod Caves, I’m posting short stories involving a group of people who have a spiritual connection, passed down from ancient times, with their totem animal.  In modern day, they have formed a semi-secret society and have some of the abilities inherent in their animal. They don’t change into their animal.  You might have elephant strength, a dog’s sense of smell, the speed of the cheetah, or the sonar abilities of the whale or bat.  But, you can also be subject to their downside.  Did you know that dolphins can paralyze some types of sharks just by stroking its nose?  Now that makes a good story if you’re two Temics in a fight.

The story I’m going to post on Tuesday involves butterfly and crow Temics.  Butterflies are great at mimicry and are agents of change.  Black crows are curious problem solvers who love to collect things. I can’t wait to share these two Temics with you on Tuesday!

Here’s a wonderful site I found by knowledgeable lady named Avia.  She has a very well laid out list of animals and information on totem symbolism.  If you want to talk about an animal special to you, a dream you had…please comment!

See you on Temic Tuesday!


About Hope Graham

I am a writer, teacher, and theatre and travel enthusiast. I teach theatre in public schools. I love to read, write, play with my kids and play pretend all day long!
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