Totem Animals and Temic Tuesdays

Happy Friday!

Hopefully, if you’ve read the two stories I’ve put up on the blog so far, you’ve got a slight idea of the world I’m creating. But, I thought I’d explain a little bit further before I post another story on Tuesday.

When I was deciding how to manage the blog I decided Tuesday is a good day.  For one thing,it’s alliterative.

Totem Tuesday. That’s catchy.  Can’t have Thursdays. That’s the Throwback day for most people. So Totem Tuesday it is.  This gives me a deadline every week and keeps me motivated.  And if you happen to read this stuff and think it isn’t half bad (and I hope you do), maybe you’ll start looking forward to Tuesdays to escape to the world of Temics.

But, in the meanwhile, think about totem animals.  It’s not a new concept. Animal spirits helping or even merging with humans is an old story. I got the idea for Totem and the stories that I’m connecting with it because of a dream I had a few years ago. I was a panther.  This beautiful black panther jumped into me and I became the panther. The feeling was so strong that it woke me up and I still felt exactly like a panther for several minutes after I woke up.  It was hard to shake!  My whole body was vibrating and I felt an enhanced sense of smell and a ringing in my ears.  (And NO, I don’t do drugs…)  I remember feeling awkward because my body thought it should be on all fours when I left the bed and I nearly fell when my human legs tried to take the burden!

That stuck with me, and night after night, more images of animals and people started to pop into my brain and I felt compelled to write.  That panther never really left. I suppose I found my totem animal! Interestingly enough, according to a wonderful website on the Panther Totem (I promise to post the link to that great site today), “when the black panther totem appears in your life, it is also a symbol of releasing your passions,and starting a new phase of your life.  A phase in which you are discovering your desires and living your dreams”.

Boy, ain’t that the truth…

I was always artistic and spiritually inclined, but it wasn’t until this dream that I felt the need to write.  And I was unknowingly on the verge of the next phase of my life as a mother, as a woman, with my job, and I was about to meet my future husband! That panther came well-timed, didn’t she?

For more about different animals, here’s a great site by Avia:  I’ll be posting a direct link as well.

So, do you have a totem animal?




About Hope Graham

I am a writer, teacher, and theatre and travel enthusiast. I teach theatre in public schools. I love to read, write, play with my kids and play pretend all day long!
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