Of Butterflies and Crows

Happy Sunday!

I’m busy polishing my story for Temic Tuesday. This is loads of fun! I’m finishing a story about two Temics…a Crow and a Butterfly.

What I’m thinking about as I write this is that the general public, I believe, is not a stranger to crows having special abilities.  We all think of Brandon Lee and possibly one of my fave movie quotes ever that isn’t in The Princess Bride:

“Mother is the name of God on the lips and hearts of all children.” (If you haven’t seen The Crow, get on it!)

As a mother myself, that quote always reminds of the particular gifts or damage we can give our children, because we are the beginning and end of their existence. We’re their religion. It’s a mind-blowing responsibility if I think about that too long. I’m God, but I forgot to wash my hair this morning and I might have just yelled at one of them for spilling 60 oz. of bubble solution all over my kitchen floor.

But, I digress…

You might be familiar with the idea of the crow carrying souls, or the legend of the crows at the Tower of London (the city is safe as long as there are crows there, apparently). There’s a lot of legends about them stealing shiny trinkets or being trickster gods.

So, to give my Crow abilities isn’t that hard of a stretch.  But, how do you feel about butterflies? People think of them as fragile and breakable. They are beautiful, but not much else. They invoke images of springtime and innocence. But, what can they do?

Especially if you’re a tiny little girl with Selective Mutism?

Well, a lot actually.

Throw in a veteran soldier from the Korean war, and I think I have a sweet story about a little girl and her grandpa brewing…tune in on Temic Tuesday!


About Hope Graham

I am a writer, teacher, and theatre and travel enthusiast. I teach theatre in public schools. I love to read, write, play with my kids and play pretend all day long!
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