Bees and Wasps: Spiritual Evolution, Order and Productivity

I had weird dreams about bees and wasps last night. They were attacking my head.

For bees, “When we dream of bees it may be an indication that we are ready to communicate our spiritual gifts, or perhaps we should more clearly recognize the treasures that reside within us.”

For wasps, “Symbol of evolution, and control over our life circumstances. Symbol of order, organization as well as productivity and fertility.”

Animal Totems

Hmmm…that’s been a lot of my life lately. I’ve been thinking a lot about my health troubles, writing, the spiritual nature of what I’m writing, and the idea that you control your experience in all areas of your life. Literally everything.  Thanks, Spirit Science.

Spirit Science: The Secrets of how to Manifest Anything

I guess attacking my face is one way to get my attention. So glad it was just a dream, because I feel like those creatures would have given their little lives to send me that message if it was real.

Ugh…shivers. I don’t do wasps. All I can say is they’d better stay spiritual…

In other news, if you’ve been following The Crow and The Butterfly, please look forward to the final installment next week!


About Hope Graham

I am a writer, teacher, and theatre and travel enthusiast. I teach theatre in public schools. I love to read, write, play with my kids and play pretend all day long!
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