Writing is Hard Work…and I Love It!

Hello, World!

I promised myself I would get better at blogging, tweeting, Facebooking, an all things social media, but I’m bad at keeping that promise.

Because writing for Totem is WORK!

I’m on Chapter 6 now… not sure if they’re good, are going to stay in that order, or if they have plot holes that can swallow a galaxy. But, I’m proud of it.  I’ve learned a few things in the process.

1- When they say write every day, I learned that it’s only true for some people, and it’s really only just a good textbook scenario.  When I try to write every day, that’s when I get writer’s block. I learned that, if I step back for a few days, a sudden inspiration hits…usually while I’m doing something in which it would be completely inconvenient for me to write it down or put it in my phone.  Like when I’m changing a diaper, talking to a co-worker, or in the shower. After that inspiration hits, I get a flow of 2,000 words!

2- I’ve learned that characters have a definite mind of their own. I imagine this is why God might get so frustrated. I don’t even have omnipotence in my toolbox. Your creations are meant to do or say one thing, but you don’t know what they’re about to do next to counteract your hard-earned plans. Or they decide they have an addiction to energy drinks in the middle of your chapter and, suddenly, it’s what drives the next event. Yes, that happened. So, since Eddie likes energy drinks, it’s apparently going to have to be there the rest of the book. Thanks, Eddie.

3- Sometimes characters walk into your party uninvited and then refuse to leave. I have a sinister henchman that did that. But, I assume it’s within his character. Henchman don’t send RSVPs or ask to be a “plus 1” before they hurt you.

4- Sometimes a character will make you aware that they are a major character and the story’s whole premise wouldn’t make sense without them – even though they were a quirky side character to begin with. And then she ends up being the background decoration of most of the chapters. Sneaky, sneaky. But, she’s turning on to be my favorite character so far.

5- Finally, I’ve learned that when they say not to go back and rewrite until you’re done…loads of bull. I can’t help it. That’s how those black hole sized plot holes happen. I’ve had things change on me (I swear, it’s the characters doing it) in Chapter 5 that now make something in Chapter 2 irrelevant and I have to change it NOW or I’ll never keep it straight in my head. So much for “just write and go back and edit later”, right?

So, Chapter 6, and how many more to go? I’m sweating so hard I am surprised this endeavor hasn’t been a good weight loss regimen.  I also have new respect for George R. R. Martin. I know everyone wants him to get movin’ already, but I don’t have to keep up with a quarter of the people and viewpoints he has, and it’s taking me forever to get it straight! How he and J.K. Rowling ever did this without a staff of secretaries, I’ll never know. I just make my husband edit and read. That’s what he signed up for when he married me.

I really want to say that I’ll see you sometime this week or next, when I realize there’s a world out there, but trying to manage a fake world is just as hard as trying to run your real one!

So, until next time.


About Hope Graham

I am a writer, teacher, and theatre and travel enthusiast. I teach theatre in public schools. I love to read, write, play with my kids and play pretend all day long!
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