About Hope Graham

Imagine the world that you know. You probably don’t have to imagine very much.

People get up and go to work.  They raise children, they pursue dreams, and fight for causes.  They eat meals, celebrate holidays, and experience the joys and pains of growing up and growing old.  They have ambitions and flaws and deeds both admirable and atrocious. Life is messy for any normal human.

But Temics are not normal humans. This is where imagination gets real.

The Synod Caves is a growing archive of the stories of the Temics and the legends that connect them.


I am a hopeful fantasy author currently working on a novel, “Totem”.  The blog is weekly serials of the book and free short stories based on this world. It’s my way of beating procrastination!

I am blissfully married and a mother of three boys and I live in the muggy, hurricane-prone Southeastern Louisiana.  While I enjoy my everyday life as a mother and theatre teacher, the world of “Totem” beckons and blogging is just one way of sharing it with the world.  I hope that you comment and email me with constructive thoughts and suggestions as you read.


And hopefully one day, I’ll be finished and published! Enjoy!



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