What You Might Need to Know About This World…

A few things to know about Temics and their society:

  1. They are semi-secret.  People know about them, but in the same way you know about Freemasons.  You see their lodge and the license plates, but you’re not really sure what they actually do.

  2. They are a group of people who have passed down a trait in which they have some of the key abilities (and even some down-sides) of their family’s  animal.  More than one family can certainly have an animal.  These people didn’t choose their animal.  They were given their animal at some point in the ancient past.

  3. Not all members of a family are Temics, leading modern Temics to believe that the traits are genetic. Theories abound within Temic society about how animals and humans were paired.  Some say genetic chance, others say the abilities were given by God and can be proven in the Bible, some alien genetic crossing with animals….the list of theories is endless.

  4. In modern times they have grouped themselves into a Phatry system according to elements.  Within each Phatry their are clans of member animals that naturally gravitate to that element.  The clans are named for their traditional grouping, like a “murder” of crows or a “kennel” of dogs. Each Phatry has an elected Phatry Leader.

  • Berengar:  Earth Phatry – Includes animals like Bear, Fox, Ant, and Elephant
  • Glendower: Water Phatry – Includes animals like Beaver, Shark, and Swan
  • Greyfell:  Air Phatry – Includes animals like Bat, Horse, Crow, Butterfly, and Bee
  • Lyonesse: Fire Phatry – Includes animals like Salamander, Lion, Owl, Monkey
  1. The Phatry leaders and sometimes all the clans will gather.  In Berengar Mansion, for example, currently led by Bear, sometimes Phatry meetings and clan leader meetings are held in the caves underneath Berengar, and the meetings are called synods, hence the name of the blog.

  2. The Temics basically stay out of major events as a group, but can use their abilities to help or hurt, just as any other human being does.  Those who use their abilities to hurt others are termed as “working in the Dark” and are ostracized.

There’s so much more to it, but if I give you more, I’ll be giving away all the spoilers for the book that will be coming out one day!  You’ll just have to read!

Happy reading!


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