The Betta or Siamese Fighting Fish


“Betta” by Nguo at deviantart

It’s Temic Tuesday, folks, and I have to report that a new member of our family arrived last week!

For some reason, it hit me while perusing the plastic cups and laundry detergent aisles that I really needed a fish. My kids would love a fish!

So, we found the lonely guy sitting on a shelf.  Now, I’m aware that these guys fight other fish and must be separated out, but all the other fish were allowed ample space in the cleanest, most will lit square mansions, with plenty of company and lots of decorations on the spacious back wall.   Continue reading

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The Crow and the Butterfly


Issie shifted her backpack and entered the dobutterfly_by_pennamore-deviantartor of an antique shop in Chicago.

“Hi, can I help you, little lady?” said Stuart Byrne, sticking his grey head out of the back workshop.  The little girl, about eight years old, and of Asian descent, plopped her bag down.  She pulled herself onto a stool by the customer service counter. The old man came out.

“Are you lost?  Where are your parents, darlin’?” he asked.

The jingling bells above the shop door interrupted his questions.  A woman approached the counter. She was dressed elegantly.  She wore tall, black high heeled shoes with silver toes.  Her elegant brown curls and perfect French nails was an indication that she could mean a lot of money for Stuart if she bought something or commissioned him to find something.  Sometimes movie makers needed him to find things. Stuart was good at that. He was a Crow.

“May I help you?” he asked the pretty lady.

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Of Butterflies and Crows

Happy Sunday!

I’m busy polishing my story for Temic Tuesday. This is loads of fun! I’m finishing a story about two Temics…a Crow and a Butterfly.

What I’m thinking about as I write this is that the general public, I believe, is not a stranger to crows having special abilities.  We all think of Brandon Lee and possibly one of my fave movie quotes ever that isn’t in The Princess Bride:

“Mother is the name of God on the lips and hearts of all children.” (If you haven’t seen The Crow, get on it!)

As a mother myself, that quote always reminds of the particular gifts or damage we can give our children, because we are the beginning and end of their existence. We’re their religion. It’s a mind-blowing responsibility if I think about that too long. I’m God, but I forgot to wash my hair this morning and I might have just yelled at one of them for spilling 60 oz. of bubble solution all over my kitchen floor.

But, I digress…

You might be familiar with the idea of the crow carrying souls, or the legend of the crows at the Tower of London (the city is safe as long as there are crows there, apparently). There’s a lot of legends about them stealing shiny trinkets or being trickster gods.

So, to give my Crow abilities isn’t that hard of a stretch.  But, how do you feel about butterflies? People think of them as fragile and breakable. They are beautiful, but not much else. They invoke images of springtime and innocence. But, what can they do?

Especially if you’re a tiny little girl with Selective Mutism?

Well, a lot actually.

Throw in a veteran soldier from the Korean war, and I think I have a sweet story about a little girl and her grandpa brewing…tune in on Temic Tuesday!

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Animal Totem Meanings and Animal Symbolism

In the Synod Caves, I’m posting short stories involving a group of people who have a spiritual connection, passed down from ancient times, with their totem animal.  In modern day, they have formed a semi-secret society and have some of the abilities inherent in their animal. They don’t change into their animal.  You might have elephant strength, a dog’s sense of smell, the speed of the cheetah, or the sonar abilities of the whale or bat.  But, you can also be subject to their downside.  Did you know that dolphins can paralyze some types of sharks just by stroking its nose?  Now that makes a good story if you’re two Temics in a fight.

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Totem Animals and Temic Tuesdays

Happy Friday!

Hopefully, if you’ve read the two stories I’ve put up on the blog so far, you’ve got a slight idea of the world I’m creating. But, I thought I’d explain a little bit further before I post another story on Tuesday.

When I was deciding how to manage the blog I decided Tuesday is a good day.  For one thing,it’s alliterative.

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Carn Cabal: The Oath of the Hound

It came to pass in the ancient days of what is now known as Wales, high in the cold Cambrian Mountains, that the King’s best and most loyal friend saved his life.

The king’s name was Arthur and he had with him some of his best knights.   They had been chasing the boar now for so long that Arthur could not remember any other vocation.  The wars of men and the politics of court seemed pale and distant.

It seemed to Arthur that he was a part of an ancient story of Gods and magic, not a mortal king charged with ridding the country of invading Saxons and keeping his clans at peace.  For what they chased was not simply a boar at all…at least not all of the time.

His knights did not know this.

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Count on the Unpredictability of a Writer’s Life

So, I’ve created this blog and now what?

I plan to write short stories to share here and work on the longer works, too.  But, how do I fit it all in?

I turned on my computer and I got down to the business of…social networking, school projects, and email.

This isn’t the best start.

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Welcome to the Synod Caves

This is the beginning of others knowing about my secret world. After this, there is no turning back.  I’ll have let everyone in!

My work in progress, Totem, is planned as a series of novels following different events and different viewpoints of the world these people live in.  The first novel tells the tragedy that forces Lois Sloane from her everyday world of humans to the sub-society world of the Temics running alongside it. In the quest to save her daughter she discovers things about herself that changes both her life and the world of the Temics forever. It’s a story of mothers and daughters, of lost and regained love, and of spiritual discovery.

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An Excerpt from Totem

The full moon shone brightly through the thick pine trees as the woman ran, her panting breath showing in the cold air.  With hot tears streaming down her face, she ran as silently as a doe, her soft boots making almost no noise on the leaves.  She only paused occasionally behind a bush to listen to her surroundings.  The dead and tortured faces of her husband and daughter welled anew in her memory every time she stopped. She had barely escaped with her own life from the attack on her village.

Suddenly, she stopped again in a small clearing and listened for the sounds of her pursuers once more. She could hear men’s voices yelling all around her in the distance. In despair, she realized she was surrounded and she would be in full view of her attackers any moment.  Death waited for her, only minutes away.  She wiped the hot tears from her cheeks, grasped the rough bone knife by her side and looked around wildly. Her heart seemed to pound through her chest as she suddenly noticed a new threat – the dark silhouette of a large wolf in the night.  

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