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The full moon shone brightly through the thick pine trees and ferns of an ancient forest as the woman ran, her panting breath showing in the cold air. Despite the hot tears streaming down her face, she ran as silently … Continue reading

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Writing is Hard Work…and I Love It!

Hello, World! I promised myself I would get better at blogging, tweeting, Facebooking, an all things social media, but I’m bad at keeping that promise. Because writing for Totem is WORK! I’m on Chapter 6 now… not sure if they’re … Continue reading

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The Crow and The Butterfly, Part 3

Stuart’s mind had stayed consumed with thoughts of Issie all day. He halfheartedly filled an order, performed his inventory, and humored some tourists, but all he could think about was Issie.  It wasn’t really that she seemed to know he … Continue reading

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I watched Jim Carrey this morning and it’s all better now…

Starting something new is always scary. I am a creative person with a lot to say.  Once I believed I would go to film school, and I did more “practical” things and regretted that ever since. I was too young … Continue reading

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