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The Crow and The Butterfly, Part 3

Stuart’s mind had stayed consumed with thoughts of Issie all day. He halfheartedly filled an order, performed his inventory, and humored some tourists, but all he could think about was Issie.  It wasn’t really that she seemed to know he … Continue reading

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Thailand’s an Inspiration in a World of Depression and Political Correctness

Hello all! I know this is not Temic in nature.  Sorry! But, every once in a while something might hit me like a brick and then I just HAVE to share it.  I saw a video today that opened a … Continue reading

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Three Kids and Three Lessons

As I continue writing the second installment of, “The Crow and the Butterfly” (which I promise to finish by next week), I am becoming increasingly aware of when animals showed in my life and I didn’t realize it. Funny what … Continue reading

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The Betta or Siamese Fighting Fish

“Betta” by Nguo at deviantart http://fav.me/d2pj699 It’s Temic Tuesday, folks, and I have to report that a new member of our family arrived last week! For some reason, it hit me while perusing the plastic cups and laundry detergent aisles … Continue reading

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